How to start a quiz?

Tap on Left Menu Quizzes   to see the list of assigned quizzes. You can start a quiz by simply tapping on it.

Start a Quiz

Please follow the steps in article start a quiz. Tap the Start Button to start answering the questions.

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Quiz Answer Questions

When you start answering the questions in a quiz, the screen will show the title of the quiz on top, the question number of the current question and then the question.

Tap on Next Question to go to next question after you have completed answering the current question. Please note that its mandatory to answer a question before moving to the next question. When you have reached the last question in a quiz, the Next Question button will automatically change to Submit button. Tap on that button to submit the quiz.

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Quiz Scoreboard

Once you complete taking a quiz, the app will automatically take you to the Scoreboard screen. This screen will show

  • Your percentage score on this quiz,
  • With number of correct answers and number of incorrect answers,
  • Your net score on this quiz.
  • It will also show any badge that you might have received and the quiz Leaderboard.
  • The quiz Leaderboard is a relative ranking based on the scores of all the people who have already taken this quiz.

Tap on the Review Answers button at the top right corner to see the answers in this quiz.

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Completed Quiz Review Answers

Review All Answers
  • You can review all the questions in a quiz from this tab
  • You can choose to review only the questions that you have got correct.
  • You can choose to review only the questions that you have got incorrect. In every question, the answer option in yellow is the option that you had chosen. The green tick-mark icon shows the answer option that is correct.

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Completed Quizzes

Tap on Left Menu Quizzes Select Completed Quizzes  

This screen will show the list of quizzes that you have already completed. For each quiz, you will be able to see your score and you can tap on it to see the scoreboard and review the answers.

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